About Us

Welcome to Locstock, the web's original source of location stock images and bookable locations within Gauteng and surrounding areas. Production companies, artists, designers and photographers will find great options to support their needs across multiple creative projects.

Our vision is to simplify and streamline the acquisition of stock location images and the ability to book the actual locations online. We are budget, brief and schedule conscious; our services are convenient, dependable and provide instant results.

The Locstock website has been built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, whilst at the same time giving the customer affordable prices and exceptional quality. All Locstock images are royalty-free, which means you only have to pay once to use the file multiple times.

What is Location Stock?

Location stock images are used primarily as an invaluable resource for production purposes, in winning, planning and executing jobs in the advertising, movie and event industry. Images can also be used for reference purposes or visual aids in unpublished presentations and reports, and for many other projects. They can also just serve as a source of inspiration in the formulation of creative ideas. Because the images are taken from existing locations, concepts and objectives are clearly achievable.

Previously if one wanted location specific stock photos, hiring a location scout to photograph locations directly, or paying for a “library search” were the only options available. One had to then trust other people’s creative instincts to send through photographs relevant to the brief. Locstock is the realization that there is an easier way.

Now, with our website, it is so easy to browse and choose the images you want and then to pay for and download them quickly and easily. The images download in the background while you can continue to search for more unique and interesting locations on the site. This portal also allows you to book the location you are viewing right there and then, providing a one-stop-shop for location needs online.