How to use Locstock

Starting out


Before registering or logging in, you will have the ability to search the site for images of locations and then to view those location folders, which provide all images and details associated with any particular location. When you have found an image or a location folder you would like to purchase, book, enquire about or add to a gallery, you will need to register or login in order to proceed. You will automatically be prompted to do this when clicking on any of the icons or buttons associated with theses actions.

The Locstock website can be used for two main purposes: either searching for locations and/or images, or for listing a location you own or represent.



The simplest way to do a search is straight from the home page using the keyword search bar. If you are looking for something quite specific then you can use the advanced search feature, either by clicking the ‘Advanced Search’ button or by clicking ‘Search’ on the main menu.

Search Tips will give you all the details of how to use these search features to best serve your needs.

Purchasing Images


All Images and locations are for sale, and the price will be displayed underneath the image or location folder. In order to purchase these, you can click on the ‘Buy’ icon underneath the folder or image. If you have not already purchased credit, you will be directed to a page whereby you can either make your purchase using your credit card or purchase a credit bundle (from which the price of your purchase will be deducted). Credit bundles are the easiest way to make further purchases as they are cost effective and save time. Credit bundles can also be purchased at any time and they never expire. You can purchase a credit bundle from the ‘Credit’ tab accessed from the ‘My Account’ link at the top right of any (logged in) page or from the ‘Buy Credit’ link under the footer ‘Shop” at the bottom left of any (logged in) page. See also Ways to Pay

Viewing a Location Folder


(All images and details associated with a particular location)

When you are viewing your image search results, you will have noticed a dotted line with a file icon below the end Locstock Location Folder of a series of images. This line will group varying sequences of images together, and it depicts that all of the images in each set belong to the same location, and all have the same tags that you searched for associated with them. If you would like to view details of that location, book or enquire about it, or view all of the images in the database associated with that location (including the ones with different tags to those originally searched for), you can click on the file icon at the end of the dotted line (note that it turns green when hovered over). This will take you to that location’s ‘Location Folder’. Here you will be able to see all of the above, and also have similar locations suggested to you.

Booking/Enquiring about a Location


After you have found a suitable location and would like to book or enquire about availability, price or details of the location, you can click the ‘Book/Enquire about this Location’ button at the bottom of that location’s page. This will bring up an e-mail template that will allow you to enter details about which you would like to enquire.

Listing a Location


If you would like to list a location you own, represent or have a connection with, you can click on the ‘List a Location’ tab on the main menu bar. This will open a form to complete, as well as functionality to upload two images of your location. This is purely a point of contact, and does not mean that your location will automatically be listed on Locstock. We will get back to you to give you more details with regards to potentially listing your location on our site.

My Galleries


To create a gallery, sign in to your account and perform a search as you would normally do (see Search Tips). When you find an image you like but do not want to purchase yet, click the “Add to Gallery” Locstock Add to gallery icon on the bottom left of the image. This will open a window that either allows you to add the image to a previously created gallery or to create a new gallery. Multiple galleries can be created and named at your discretion (e.g. Job Name, Location Name, Number Sequence etc.). Images and locations can then be added and deleted from these galleries, helping you to keep track of specific locations or images that interest you. Images and locations can then be purchased directly from these galleries. Your galleries are specific to your login and no one else can view them. You can view your galleries from your ‘logged in’ home page or from under the “My Galleries’ tab at the top right of the page.

If you would like to manage your galleries you can click on the 'My Account' link at the top right of the screen then click on the ‘Galleries’ tab. This will allow you to edit, purchase or delete galleries.